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Is your car pulling to one side when the steering wheel is dead straight? You probably need a wheel alignment. While it might be tempting, this is not something you should put off. Mr Spanners Automotive do hundreds of wheel alignments each year and have the process down to an art form. Bring your car in today and we'll have you back on the road, driving straight and true, in no time.


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A wheel alignment involves checking four main suspension angles and correcting them if necessary. They are;


  • Toe (tracking) - angle relative to a line heading down the middle of the car, front to back - do the wheels point in or out?
  • Thrust - angle relative to each other wheel and car's centre
  • Camber - angle between wheels and vertical axis of car - do the wheels lean to one side or the other?
  • Caster - angle of steering pivot access when viewed from the side - does it lean forward or back?


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Apart from your car pulling to one side on the road, here are some of the other symptoms/problems associated with a car in need of a wheel alignment;


  • Steering takes more effort
  • Tyres wear unevenly and can become dangerous
  • Car produces unpredictable steering response
  • Lowers fuel efficiency
  • Decreases vehicle safety

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